Reasons Why Window Graphics Make Sense

Applying vinyl on windows is an often over-looked, but super affordable and effective tool for businesses - here's just some of the reasons why:

QUICK AFFORDABLE ADVERTISING – You own the space why not make the most of it!

BUILD BRAND RECOGNITION – A blank window says nothing – but add a smart window decal and you’ll turn heads!

PROMOTE SPECIALS – Tell your customers what products you offer or that you’re having a “Sale!”

EASILY CHANGEABLE – With proper professional installation – removing and replacing the graphics can be easy!  Leave it up for years or change it out as needed!

ENHANCE PRIVACY – Block the view inside with a creative perforated graphic – from inside you can see out, but from the outside you get an eye-catching graphic!

SHIELD THE SUN – Shield bright sun and make graphics pop at the same time!

SHOW YOUR CREATIVITY – Unlimited shapes, colour and designs to create ‘wow factor’.  Solid vinyl to block the view?  Perforated to let light through?  Want it visible from both sides?  So many options – let us help you decide!  

CREATE A BETTER VIEW - tired of staring out a window at a brick wall or alley – we can fix that!

SO MANY OTHER OPTIONS – vinyl has so many other uses too – use frosted vinyl to create indoor ‘etched’ glass look, or print on frosted vinyl to create translucent effects.  And applying vinyl on walls creates another whole world of possibilities…….

Types of Vinyl:

There are a variety of different types of vinyl that can be used on glass to create a variety of effects - here's a quick 101:

OPAQUE (SOLID) VINYL - can't be seen through, blocks the view in and out, great for security and privacy.

PERFORATED VINYL - allows light through while still displaying your graphics - provides sun protection - ability to choose the light transmission/blocking level you want.

CLEAR VINYL - useful to create two-sided images - by using a clear vinyl your image can be seem from both inside and outside, creates the look of a backlit and allows the light to flow through.

WINDOW FROSTING - create the classic look of 'etched glass' with window frosting - add designs to partially block light and view as desired - can also print to frosted vinyl for translucent effects.

Installation Considerations:

  • For most window graphic installations - professional installation is recommended.  (For small size window 'decals' a DIY approach with quick instructions from your supplier will likely suffice - but for anything more complicated - professional installation is the only way to go). 
  • A professional will bring the right tools and equipment (ladders, lifts or scaffolding may be required).
  • Prepping and cleaning the surface is important (including removal of any old graphics if required). 
  • Next measuring, leveling and placing the graphic in the right position on the windows is critical.
  • Actual application of the graphic involves taping it, then carefully removing the backing, and next using special sqeegee tools to smoothly adhere the vinyl to the surface - with a professional's skill bubbles are avoided!
  • Lastly a special edge-sealing will be added for most installations to ensure the corners don't  start to prematurely curl and lift.